Hailan Home’s 2023 revenue and net profit both saw high growth, and its business landscape continues to expand

Although men’s clothing malls are often ridiculed for not being as vast and prosperous as women’s clothing malls, Hailan Home once again confirms the potential for men’s consumption to be explored.
On the evening of April 29th, the 2023 annual report of Hailan Home showed that the group’s 2023 revenue and net profit were both deleted. The year-on-year decrease in revenue and development was 15.98% to 21.528 billion yuan; The net profit attributable to the parent company was 2.952 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 36.96%; The gross profit margin decreased by 1.77% year-on-year to 45.87%; The net cash flow offset by operational activities was 5.23 billion yuan, a significant year-on-year decrease of 66.71%.
The impressive achievements are mainly reflected in the fact that in 2023, with the domestic economy showing a warming trend, Hailan Home has adapted to changes in shopping malls and consumer needs, deepened its brand’s full chain operation strategy, increased its digital transformation and downgrade efforts, and continuously promoted its brand influence and decomposition power. During the period, the main business expenses of the main brand Hailan Home series decreased significantly by 19.66% year-on-year.

The main brand is steadily leading the way, and the multi brand matrix is poised for leadership
In 2023, Hailan Home continuously shaped the abstract of “People’s Brand” through multi-dimensional precision marketing, closely linked with the emotional support of consumers, and strengthened its leading position in the men’s clothing industry.
It was precisely in this year that Hailan Home became the first fashion brand to be elected as the “Brand Strong Country Project” of the Central Broadcasting Station. In addition to leveraging the strong influence of the new media matrix of Zhongwang, Hailan Home has flexibly linked popular trends and stopped promoting its deeply popular brand through activities such as naming the “First Youth Peking Opera Conference of Zhongwang Broadcasting Station” and exploring smart factories through Zhongwang Live. It explains the brand’s strength and pricing ideals, informs the people’s brand of the task of inheriting civilization and leading technology, continuously enhances brand awareness and reputation, and strengthens the sense of obligation and affinity of the people’s brand.
Not only that, in 2023, Hailan Home also signed a contract with the powerful actor Zhang Songwen, who became popular due to the TV drama “Fury”, as the brand spokesperson. This was also Zhang Songwen’s first official dress brand endorsement, and once the confession was received, it did not lead to the climax of the episode; At the same time, Hailan Home and online celebrities cooperated to create the Changbai Mountain winter outdoor slow variety show “Hailan Home Winter Super Power Tour”, and broadcast it live on the Tiktok Wangpin number, ingeniously spreading the power of product technology, also exerting the influence of young traffic groups, and building emotional ties with young consumption groups.
During the reporting period, actor Zhang Songwen endorsed Hailan Home
At this important festival node, Hailan Home has been deeply involved in Father’s Day marketing for ten consecutive years. In 2023, Hailan Home will hold a public service shop of “100 Happy Chinese Fathers” in seven townships, and lead the national task of “Happy Chinese Fathers’ Day” in Tiktok. This series of rich and creative brand actions lead to a strong consensus among the public, and consumers agree with the cost of labor, establishing a warm and loving brand abstraction.
Through the integration of conservative civilization and technological renovation, targeted at different age groups, exploring family relationships and modern life inner novels, and other multi-dimensional precision marketing, Hailan Home continuously strengthens its affinity for the “people’s brand” and closely connects with the pillars of consumer groups, thereby continuously strengthening its leading position in men’s clothing malls.
The product strength of Hailan Home lies in renovation and product diversification. Among a series of eye-catching products, the “Energy Lucky Shirt” series, the “New Cool” series, the “Fresh Plant Jacket” series, the “Aurora Super Goose Down” series and the “Chinese Loong IP Co Branding” series are not only unique in planning style, but also attach importance to renovation in efficacy.
In terms of product focus and efficacy, Hailan Home attaches great importance to enhancing user experience, such as using techniques such as coolness, sun protection, moisture wicking, four sided elasticity, and graphene heating. These benefits not only enhance the applicability and comfort of the product, but also give the product more sense of technology and fashion.
Through continuous refurbishment and skill empowerment, Hailan Home strives to meet the needs of the new generation of male consumers, promote products with high moral character and personalized characteristics, and further promote sales and deletion. These product series not only capture traffic, but also represent the brand’s unique style, bringing consumers a brand new shopping experience.
In addition to being a leading position in men’s clothing as the main brand pillar, Hailan Home has established a multi brand matrix, leading multiple brands such as Hailan Home, OVV, Hailan Optimal, Black Whale, and YeehoO to meet the clothing needs of different age groups and consumer groups. For example, OVV strives to provide fashionable clothing and accessories for the new generation of women; Black Whale focuses on young trendy shopping malls; YeehoO is aimed at children and youth groups; Head specializes in a sports and leisure style.
There are significant differences in aesthetic orientation, price expectations, and purchasing scenarios among different age groups and consumer groups. Having a diversified brand matrix helps companies deeply segment their shopping malls and accurately meet the needs of different groups of people with different brands. It is difficult for a single brand to make equal calls to all consumer groups, and the maximum level of brand diversification can expose and infiltrate various potential consumers.
Meanwhile, with the continuous evolution of fashion trends, it is difficult for a single brand to sustain such high-frequency and rich iterations. Has the company achieved differentiation in planning ideals and style positioning, with the continuous revitalization of pillar products and marketing, thanks to its multi brand reputation.
The joint leadership of a multi brand matrix helps Hailan Home Group seize different segmented shopping malls, realize the diversified structure of categories and channels, and meet the needs of a wider consumer group. At the same time, relying on a strong supply chain and channel advantage, the group can achieve common effectiveness among various brands and improve overall competitiveness. Through the comprehensive leadership of multiple brands and channels, Hailan Home Group continuously expands its business boundaries and improves its market share in the fashion industry.
Taking research and supply chain as the fulcrum, leading the way in dress and speech industry
Although marketing skills are not lacking, what truly enables Hailan Home to take the leading position in the fashion industry is its continuous promotion and digital transformation in research and supply chain.
Hailan Home is accelerating the promotion of internal digitalization and information technology renovation, and has successfully established the “Hailan Smart Dressing System” by officially joining the Cloud Service Laboratory during the period.
The “Hailan Smart Dressing System” reflects its pioneering and advantageous position in digital transformation and intelligent production. By adjusting the three major sectors – upstream “cloud service laboratory” based on big data and artificial intelligence techniques, we will stop forward-looking research and development; The midstream “Hailan Yunfu Smart Factory” realizes intelligent and flexible delivery; The downstream “Hailanzhi+” provides personalized customized services for consumers – the three ends work together efficiently. This establishes an efficient closed-loop supply chain system from delivery to delivery, and then to quick response, which can timely control and accurately meet the needs of shopping malls and consumers.
This smart system has also broken through the conservative dress industry’s form of “selling first, producing later, and having high inventory”, realizing “selling first, producing later, and having zero inventory”, preventing capital savings and improving supply efficiency.
The entire system runs through various key aspects of the property chain, achieving a high degree of integration between intelligent production and personalized needs. Whether it can quickly respond to fashion trends and provide solid support for the company’s continuous development. The pioneering reality of Hailan Home will inevitably lead conservative textile and clothing properties towards the future of intelligent production and personalized customization.
Hailan Cloud Service Laboratory
Thanks to its advanced intelligent production skills, Hailan Home has won the first prize of the 2023 China Fashion Speech Industry Science and Technology Progress Award from the China Fashion Association and the second prize of the China Textile Industry Association’s Science and Technology Progress Award. It has been recognized as a third level talent of the China Fashion Digital Rapid Response Factory and has received multiple honors, including the “2022 Standardization Rest Advanced Unit” awarded by the Standardization Skills Committee of the China Fashion Association. In December 2023, Hailan Home was also selected as a leading model enterprise for the integration of new generation information technology and manufacturing industry in the Ministry of Industry and Technology evaluation.
Hailan Home has also applied big data intelligent algorithms to the research and development of decision-making plans, extending the link from testing to cutting out orders, improving the effectiveness and accuracy of decision-making plans. At the same time, Hailan Home has widely used automation objects such as E3+systems, Banniu software, RPA robots, etc., greatly enhancing their effectiveness and achieving cost increase and cost reduction.
In terms of supply chain governance, Hailan Home has optimized the supplier structure and direct order ratio, extended the time for goods to be stored, improved the conversion rate of goods, and effectively reduced the loss of out of stock. Through flexible co delivery, the operational capabilities of online channels have been further enhanced.
It is precisely by relying on the digital downgrade of key aspects of research and supply chain that Hailan Home can better serve consumers, quickly respond to mall needs, ensure efficient and stable supply, and thus stand out in the same industry. Although marketing is crucial, leading the effectiveness of the supply chain is the fundamental place where Hailan Home has long stood in the textile and clothing industry.
Jointly expanding domestic demand through channels and launching expansion of overseas shopping malls
In 2023, the online sales of Hailan Home decreased by 14% year-on-year, while the offline sales decreased by 16.3% year-on-year. Hailan Home has continuously established online and offline omnichannel marketing channels, promoting the integration of new wholesale and realizing the joint effectiveness of channels.
In terms of offline sales, Hailan Home has established stores in key commercial districts at or above the county level in 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) through direct sales, franchises, and joint ventures, continuously optimizing the channel structure of offline stores and increasing the expansion of central shopping stores to meet the convenient shopping needs of consumers.
During the complaint period, by steadily promoting channel expansion and rest, the total number of Hailan Zhijia stores reached 5976, with direct operated stores accounting for 20.95%. In order to deepen the refinement of governance, the company has further refined daily rest and strengthened the digital reform of its stores, such as the digitalization project of the Shiyan store service evaluation system and the headquarters store frequency linkage meeting, in order to improve the professionalism and effectiveness of store management rest.
On the online side, through running through conservative e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, JD and Vipshop, supplemented by social e-commerce channels such as WeChat, Tiktok and Fastfoot, Hailan Home has realized multi-channel selling and steadily improved online brand exposure and user experience.
Hailan Home is adept at using substantial refurbishment to initiate traffic growth. During the complaint period, Hailan Home won the Jingdong 2023 Men’s Down Gold Award, the Tiktok Platform 2023 Clothing and Accessories Men’s Wear Decomposing Annual Brand of Yanye and many other reputations, which fully demonstrated the rapid development of Hailan Home’s online channels.
In order to organically integrate online and offline sales channels, Hailan Home uses data analysis and artificial intelligence skills to deeply explore consumer needs and motivations, and realizes the joint operation of omnichannel marketing. Through online and offline sports, member linkage marketing, and other forms, Hailan Home has realized the adjustment of sales channels and promoted the development of new wholesale forms.
During the period, Hailan Home actively launched cross-border e-commerce business in Southeast Asia and established online sales platforms in countries such as Malaysia, radiating and mobilizing brand leaders in shopping malls in other countries. Hailan Home is also accelerating its entry into global stores and shopping malls, especially in Southeast Asia where it has stopped vigorously expanding and structured international stores to enhance the brand’s global awareness and influence.
At the end of 2023, Hailan Home successfully opened two offline stores in a Philippine shopping mall, located in SM Fairview City Mall and Robinson Manila Place in Manila. This milestone upheaval not only marks the first entry of Hailan Home into the Philippine shopping mall, but also the brand’s sixth overseas country after Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos.
In 2023, Hailan Home’s overseas regional cash out business expenses amounted to 272 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 23.98%. The opening of overseas shopping malls has provided Hailan Home with broader space and opportunities for expansion, bringing a more stable and continuous source of dividends, laying a solid foundation for the company’s long-term expansion.
In this setting, Hailan Home showcases the absence of global expansion and continuous participation, not only injecting new vitality into the brand, but also providing a successful example for Chinese brands to go global. With the continuous opening of overseas shopping malls, Hailan Home has no hope of showcasing any more dazzling brilliance on the global stage, turning from a “national brand” into a resounding thorn for Chinese brands overseas.
Fulfill social obligations, undertake corporate tasks and responsibilities
Staying in China, Hailan Home has always regarded corporate social obligations as an important component of its leadership. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of “Duoke Warmth”, Hailan Home Group has strengthened its brand acquisition efforts, led multiple brands under its umbrella to actively participate in public welfare miracles, and highlighted the social responsibility of “reaching both the world and the world”.
Hailan selects a continuous public welfare project and goes to Xihaigu with Hailan Home to provide living materials and training supplies for local students; Hailan Group Purchase customizes customized school uniforms to meet social needs and donates them to Civil Aviation North China Air Traffic Control Hope Primary School. The Hailan Home group is also constantly exploring whether there are continuous and diversified forms of renovation public welfare, helping rural revitalization and contributing more warmth and attention to society.
In addition to actively participating in public welfare miracles, Hailan Home Group has always attached great importance to fulfilling corporate social obligations in the process of leading the enterprise. Whether it is in the field of deep cultivation of dressing, or in building a “super people’s brand” smart wholesale with multiple structural categories, Hailan Home always remembers the obligations and responsibilities of the enterprise to society. By constantly renovating and expanding brand boundaries, Hailan Home strives to become a leader in the fashionable lifestyle category of the Chinese people, and gives back to society with practical actions, dedicating its strength to building a harmonious society.
While keeping in mind social obligations, as a listed company, Hailan Home also values the responsibility of giving back to shareholders and investors, and shares the results of corporate leadership with them. On April 30th, the 2023 annual distribution plan for Hailan Home collar fabric is proposed, with a total of 10 distributions of 5.6 yuan (exposed tax), and an estimated cash out amount of 2.69 billion yuan. This is also the 21st cumulative cash payout since the company went public.


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