Levi’s “Ice Cool” Jeans, Hello Kitty also has fashion collaborations

Levi’s ® Performance announces the 2024 Spring/Summer Charcoal Cool series.
This series uses Lyocell natural fiber as a carrier to add CHILL+technology. CHILL+technology can effectively inhibit bacteria, while Lyocell natural fiber plays a role in eliminating stuffy and humid air.
Levi’s this season ® The Performance Charcoal Cool series has swept across multiple styles of men’s and women’s pants, including BAGGY DAD stacked pants, 724 mermaid pants, 568 workwear pants, as well as classic denim vests, workwear shirts and other items.

The mutated denim pants and fire washed and ground white craftsmanship in the men’s collection showcase a unique layered style. The Mies series has eliminated trendy items such as pink denim jackets, denim skirts, irregular denim color blocking skirts, distressed T-shirts, and waistcoats, showcasing the vitality and charm of ghostly girls.
This time, the brand also used the Cool Land Plan style and holographic projection techniques to create and invent a floating charcoal cool technology experience space in Shanghai. The product display space can be installed in three states: “gas”, “fire”, and “charcoal”, which may not have any fire.
This brand show is surrounded by Levi’s ® The product features of the Performance Charcoal Cool series, and the attributes of nudity, coolness, and sexiness are integrated into the three chapters of the show. Opening with Levi’s ® A sense of quantity and a modern emphasis on individual products to re express the century old model of tannin. The bright and cool ideal of detachment in the second chapter corresponds to the enthusiasm of summer, but it does not belong to Levi’s conclusion ® The cool island breeze is detached. In the third chapter of the finale, the combination of laser, light, and smoke brings the sexual tension and fashion sense of tannin to its peak.
BEAMS COUTURE and Sanrio promote Hello Kitty mutual aid series
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hello Kitty’s birth, BEAMS COUTURE, a brand under BEAMS, has partnered with Sanrio to promote mutual assistance products.
The mutual aid series includes plush toys, handbags, embroidered tops, sweater and shorts sets, etc. The inspiration for the plan comes from the 1970s when Hello Kitty was not born, adopting her most exemplary version of abstraction, and the dressing plan is also filled with retro elements.
The mutual aid series is expected to be launched on May 3rd this year.
Adidas Originals refreshed SL72 is about to be sold out
This year, Adidas Originals, as a tribute model, returned the SL72 running shoe that was discontinued in 1972.
This time, Adidas Originals will continue its lightweight classic genes and wear both male and female SL72 models. Wearing the SL72 RS shoe design for boys, the shoe retains the classic surface foundation and adds padding in the nylon material to make the shape more upright and full, while the toe is more rounded. The EVA material on the sole increases the height of the shoe. The overall design of the SL72 RS is a striking blue color, with red shoes and three stripe markings removed. The midsole is outlined with red lines, and the shoe points are made of suede and high-quality fabric. The overall plan is more in line with current aesthetic ideals.
The female version wears the SL72 OG W shoe shape, which is slimmer compared to the RS shoe. The overall appearance, lines, details, and material quantity of the shoe admire the 70s SL72 plan, restoring the classic and ancestral taste. The SL72 OG shoe features an elegant green design on the body, paired with red three stripe markings and gold details on the tongue.


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